Monday, October 1, 2012

The Center of the Universe

“But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.” Luke 6:24

There it is, black and white right? Rich people are not going to heaven. Discussion over.

If you believe this and are reading it on the Internet, then it must be true right? Because everything on the Internet is true? Wrong, this is just a joke.

This portion of Luke comes from Jesus’ sermon on the mount. God was not referring to the rich in just money, although so of them were not going to make it into heaven. If we look back on the history of the time, who were the richest people in those days? The governmental leaders and the Pharisees and church leaders. Jesus was trying to tell the self-righteous church leaders that they already had their gifts here on earth and were not going to make it into heaven.

If we apply that to today’s society, let’s really look at who the rich can be. Money is not the only thing someone may be rich in. Would the self-indulged, self-centered person be rich in something? Say, EGO or PRIDE. What about the person who walks around looking for the attention of others at the detriment to anyone in their way? What about the pastor who is so absorbed with his own ambitions for money and power that he loses sight of his mission for Christ? What about the politician abusing his richness in power to manipulate the masses for more power?

When we think of rich, our first inclination is to money. But power, vane conceit, self-centeredness, and so many other qualities can lead to a life void of a relationship with Christ and others. And we will find our consolation already in those qualities we choose to chase, instead of the mission God has set before us.

Looking to dethrone myself,