Thursday, January 13, 2011


I sit here tonight and reflect on the past few months of my life.  The sweeping changes my wife and I have made in uprooting our family and moving from Florida to the snow topped mountains of Tennessee.  We live in a cabin now, with only 3 neighbors within a 1/2 mile, one of which is family and the other 2 who might as well be.  We are searching right now; searching for our new earthly lives, careers, a church home and routines.  But we have settled on not being settled right now.  The biggest thing though, is our faith in Christ has not changed.  If anything, this ordeal, this life trauma, this re-planting of sorts, has solidified out faith just a little more each day.  The funny part is this: life has gotten harder, money has gotten shorter, trials have been more than ever.  Yet through it all, I have amazingly seen God work some seriously mind blowing miracles for us, and for our WHOLE family, not just the ones who reside in this little cabin. It has brought us closer together as a family as we work through the challenges of the days.  We have been tested, and will continue to be tested, yet we are blessed and God will continue to bless, not only us, but those we meet and come into relationship with here in this new place.  It's a whole new world we live in, but a familiar face awaits us every moment and comforts us as we work through each and every challenge, both physically and spiritually. 
Christ is with us, with you, and with everyone who calls on Him as their Savior. 

Will you or have you called upon him and asked for His friendship? 

The Freak