Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If I Could Be Like David.......

"May the Lord be our judge and arbiter.  May he see and arbitrate my case and deliver me from your hands."  - 1 Samuel 24:15

Don't take this verse out of context.  I need to frame this for a second.  In this part of 1 Samuel, Saul is in a cave (taking a leak......no joke) where David and his men are hiding and God has basically handed Saul over to David to either kill, humiliate, capture, etc.  Saul has been chasing David and trying to kill him for a little while now.  But, David shows mercy on Saul and only cuts a piece of cloth from his robe without Saul knowing it.  After Saul leaves the cave, David walks out after him and presents himself.

Remember this part: Saul was trying to kill David.  And yes, David walks right up to Saul after he leaves the cave, despite the better advice of his soldiers.  So what does this tell us about David's faith and trust in God?  First, he was given Saul on a silver platter and could have very well killed him where he pee'd, I mean stood.  But instead, David shows mercy on Saul and respect for God in the fact that he was not going to kill the person God annointed King of Israel.  Second, and I believe most important, is that David showed no fear in walking up to the man who was trying to kill him.  That's right, David walked right into harm's way, but with one crucial person backing him up: God.  His Lord was there the whole time to back him up and ensure he was going to be taken care of. 

David could have done anything he wanted to Saul, but he chose to trust God and do what would honor him: spare Saul's life and confront him with what he had done: courage in the face of adversity and fear.  If I could only be so bold in sharing my faith and showing God's love.........which means knowing that God has my back no matter what happens.......and also means listening to the Holy Spirit and doing what we know to be right.