Monday, February 28, 2011

There is a season........

Who remembers the song "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds?  It's one of those classic 60's songs that everyone knows the words to, but quite possibly doesn't know where the lyrics actually come from.  Some Christ-followers do, but for those who don't, (and it's not wrong if you don't know), they are adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, versus 1-8.  What a great commentary on life. 

So I was reading tonight in a part of Eccl I had marked a long time ago. I've had a rough day with some business dealings, and those lines caught my eye.  I have read them many times before with the tune of "Turn, Turn, Turn" going in the back of my mind, but never really thought hard about them until now.  One part, of one verse really struck me as I struggled to make sense of what happened today. 

".....a time to keep, and a time to cast away;......." (verse 6).

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes when it comes to relationships, and either holding on too tight to the wrong ones, or not holding tight enough to the right ones.

Disclaimer: This post has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the relationship I have with my wife, or kids!

So, I know and mingle with many people I will call acquaintences, a few I would call friends, some I would call family whether they are or not, and others I will just say are business or good times to be experienced.  All of them we can reach out to for God, but not all of them will produce fruit.  It's just as Jesus explained about the sower's seed. Whether that seed produces depends on where it falls, and if we try to plant on the wrong ground, we are planting in vain. 

Why do we torture ourselves chasing after relationships that, in the grand scheme of what God wants us to do, mean nothing for the end picture of our lives or God's kingdom?  Why do we run a rat race making relationships with people that only poison our thoughts?  What do we do when we work hard to plant seeds of the Truth, but don't realize we are just chasing our tail? When do we say enough is enough, and move on?

These are questions I have, and answers I long for, and it really comes back to these few words.  There is a season...................and all seasons have an end, whether we like it or not; no matter how hard we try and hold on to these relationships; whether we want to realize it or not.  Our stress level, our joy in life, our capacity to be more productive all hinge on our ability to recognize the seasons, and adjust to their beginnings and endings.  Winter is a season that has a beginning and an end.  Life would be very uncomfortable if we decided that we wanted to hold onto winter and wear our thick coats through the summer months.  It will have an affect on your life, I guarantee it. 

And that is what I have realized today.  No matter what I do, I will no longer try to hold on to those relationships that are unproductive, those ones that drain my sanity, money, and time, when I could be so much more productive for God's kingdom.  I have done as God has asked me, it's no longer up to me whether someone takes that step with Christ.  I will be there for them, I will cultivate as much as I can, but if I am sowing seed among the rocks, I am waisting my time because it will not produce fruit.  The season has ended, and I must move on.

".......a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted........" (verse 2)

- Freak